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Instructors’ Bio

Kris Maddox

Kris served four years in the US Marine Corps Infantry. He served two tours of front line combat in Iraq, attended Marine Amphibious Recon School, and served as an urban warfare instructor at the UWTC MCAGCC ( Urban Warfare Training Center, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center) in Twentynine Palms, California.

He has training experience in facilities in California and the North Texas area along with two nationally accredited training certifications. He was the LA Fitness North Arlington Head Trainer from 2007-2008. Kris operates two bootcamps in the metroplex and has helped countless clients shed literally hundreds of pounds in his results-based Small Group/One on One training programs. Kris recieved The Body Firm’s “2010 Trainer of the Year Award” and is owner of www.krismaddoxfitness.com. His systematic approach and motivating techniques are dedicated to inspire the lifestyle changes that will guarantee your success and goal achievement!

Visit Kris’ personal fitness site here.

Selase Botchway

Selase has trained all over the North Texas area and set up the L.A fitness in North Arlington. He’s involved in coaching youth sports like basketball, soccer, tee ball, and flag football for the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation. Selase has several nationally accredited training certifications in personal training, CPR, group exercise, boot camp conditioning, cycle, and kick boxing.

He currently serves as the health and wellness coordinator for Westec Intelligent Services and the sports conditioning coach to the Stars a local senior league hockey team. He works at the L.A Fitness in north Arlington and at the downtown Fort Worth 7th Street location. He’s helped countless people shed pounds and keep it off while gaining lean muscle with great workouts and a positive motivating atmosphere!

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