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Arlington TX Bootcamp

The Absolute Fitness Bootcamp is an exciting fusion of high dynamic, aerobic, anaerobic, kickboxing, and resistance training techniques to maximize fat reduction as well as lean muscle growth. Absolute Fitness Boot Camp is a fun but challenging approach designed to train anyone interested in getting in great shape! We conduct indoor and outdoor camps to keep the scene fresh and incorporate different techniques into our regimen.

We reguard nutrition as high a priority as our workout regimine. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet to fat loss! So in addition to our boot camp, we can provide personal training as well as support your nutritional needs with custom meal plans. In order to change your body you must make a lifestyle change. We encourage every camper to do their best and reach their goals. Come find out what we can do for you!

Visit instructor Kris Maddox’s website for more personalized training services in the DFW area!